About Our Church

Grace Bible Church is a body of believers who have been transformed by the grace of God for His glory. It is our desire that Jesus Christ is glorified in all that we do as we are being conformed to His image. We are devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ in every aspect of Grace—from public worship to church structures to congregational life.

Grace Bible Church is a simple church with a singular message. We want to major on what God has revealed to be most important and to do those things with excellence. For example, God is big on the preaching of the gospel and also emphasizes the unity and diversity of the body. These and other values make up the core distinctives of Grace Bible.

Not only do we seek to be a gospel-centered church, but we are also committed to being a confessional and missional church, united in our common doctrine and embracing the mission Jesus has entrusted to us to make disciples of all peoples.