Discipleship Groups

Sunday Seminars

Sunday seminars are held shortly after the morning service in the Chapel, located just along from the main Sanctuary. The teachings last just shy of an hour and cover topics ranging from Church History, to theology, to Christian Living.

Women’s Bible and Book Studies

Bible and book studies are available for women throughout the week and year. There are opportunities to spend time studying the Bible, as well as reading a book together and engaging in discussion.


Men’s Group

Church members (those who have been accepted into membership at GBC) can currently take part in a program called PACE, meeting together evening other Wednesday night to fellowship in small groups. For more information, please contact Andrew Albro or Dave Christy.

Community Groups

Community Groups give time for church members and attendees to gather together and discuss the week’s sermon, as well as engage in small group fellowship and prayer. The groups meet every other week in homes around the state; for more information, please reach out via our Contact Us page.