Meaningful church membership is something we believe is important. Covenant membership is a commitment to one another–a willing pledge to guard, care, submit, support, and minister. Jesus commands Christians to love one another, to serve one another, and to encourage one another. What better way to live out these commands than being committed to a local church?

Membership Matters is a four-part study that introduces you to church life at Grace.

Study 1 – Confession of Faith
What a church believes is the most important thing about a church. Learn about key doctrines that unite us as a church.

Study 2 – Church Covenant
Jesus Christ is clear about what it means to follow him. Learn how we commit to love and serve one another as a church membership.

Study 3 – Why Join A Church?
If the words ‘church membership’ are not found in the Bible, why is it so important to consider? That’s a good question. Learn why membership in a local church is important to your faith and growth in Jesus Christ.

Study 4 – Life Together
There are nuts and bolts for every assembly. Learn more about Grace’s constitution, priorities, gatherings, ministries, discipleship groups, leadership, and congregation.

If you would like to attend Membership Matters, please let one of the elders know, or submit a connect card. Membership Matters meets throughout the year following the morning worship service.